Abstract Beauty | Redesign With Prima Decoupage Tissue Paper

Abstract Beauty | Redesign With Prima Decoupage Tissue Paper


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New Collection.
This bold decor tissue paper design was inspired by Prima’s Brand Ambassador CeCe Restyled, and is the perfect size for decoupaging your furniture pieces. Made from a tear resistant material, it is much more user-friendly.

Made as a decorative specialty sheet, these extra-wide sheets feature a machine made fibrous texture, which is thin enough to ensure an authentic look but, unlike thinner tissue materials, allows for easier placement and durability with less wrinkling and tearing.

Size: Pack contains 1 sheet measuring 19” x 30” (48.3cm x 76.2cm).

How To Apply:
– Measure and cut your Decor Tissue Paper to the correct size.

– Apply Dixie Belle Clear Coat Sealer (your choice of finish) to the surface of your project. Lay your tissue paper in position and flatten out from the centre, talking care to eliminate air bubbles to ensure a good adhesion. Apply a further coat over the top.

– Once dry, apply another coat of sealer. The tissue is fibrous and the sealer will permeate the fibres so that, when dry, your tissue paper will be well-adhered to the surface of your project.

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