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Bronze Effect Ginko Floor Lamp

Bronze Effect Ginko Floor Lamp


“Illuminate your space with a fusion of nature-inspired artistry and modern design embodied in this Bronze Effect Ginkgo Floor Lamp. The lamp’s graceful Ginkgo leaf-inspired design, finished in a rich bronze effect, exudes elegance and organic charm. Its slender yet sturdy frame stands tall, casting a warm and inviting glow that adds ambience to any room. The intricately detailed leaves create captivating shadows and patterns when illuminated, infusing your space with a mesmerizing touch of nature. Whether as a statement piece in your living room or as a unique addition to your bedroom, this floor lamp not only lights up your space but also serves as an exquisite sculptural accent, inviting a sense of tranquillity and sophistication into your home.”

Dimensions: H:1560 W:570 D:280 mm.

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