Forest | Redesign With Prima Small Decor Transfer

Forest | Redesign With Prima Small Decor Transfer


This new size of transfer from Prima is ideal for pairing with other transfers in the range, or for use on smaller projects.

Re-Design with Prima, creates beautiful spaces in your home through our Decor stencils, transfers and more. Use our transfers to create unique home decor pieces.
Re-Design with Prima transfers can be used on furniture, glass, walls and much more.

Transfer Dimensions:
Size: 12″ x 18″ total (3 sheets of 12″ x 6″ designs)
Please Note – this transfer comes in individual images that can be cut out for easy placement. Each image is an individual transfer for application onto your project.

How To Apply Your Transfer (full instructions are also included with your transfer):
Apply to a clean dry surface. For painted surfaces, allow at least 48 hours for your paint to fully cure before applying the transfer (longer if the conditions are cold and drying times are extended).

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