Hanging Bunny Head

Hanging Bunny Head


Introducing our Hanging Bunny Head, the epitome of cute Easter charm for your seasonal decor. Crafted with delightful details and designed to bring a smile to your face, this charming bunny head adds a whimsical touch to your Easter celebrations.

With its adorable features and playful expression, this hanging bunny head captures the essence of springtime joy. Hang it on your front door to welcome guests with Easter cheer, or display it indoors as a delightful accent piece to complement your seasonal decorations.

Made with quality materials and featuring a sturdy hanging loop, our Hanging Bunny Head is easy to display and built to last for many Easter seasons to come. Let its irresistible charm and festive spirit infuse your home with warmth and delight during this special time of year.

Elevate your Easter decor with the sweet and whimsical appeal of our Hanging Bunny Head, and let the joy of the season come alive in your home.

Dimensions: 38x10x20cm

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