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Inspired Bell | Memorial | Rememberance

Inspired Bell | Memorial | Rememberance


Inspired Bell – Remembrance

The Inspired Bell Remembrance are beautifully handcrafted bells that sweetly ring and remind you or a loved one of someone near and dear to the heart. The natural aesthetic and light warming color pallet is perfect for any home. These bells are included in our Inspired Everyday Collection. This collection seeks to uplift the spirit in a fun calming unique way. Get yourself a loving present or gift it to a mourning friend. It is promised to warm the heart. Each bell comes in its own gift box with twine handles and a tag reading a sentimental message.

The love they gave echoes through our whole lives, Wishing you hope and healing

Height: 30.5cm
Width: 7.5cm
Depth: 7.5cm

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