Large Champagne Coupe Glasses With Silver Rim | Set Of 6

Large Champagne Coupe Glasses With Silver Rim | Set Of 6


Elevate your next celebration with our Set of 6 Champagne Coupe Glasses:

  1. Classic Elegance: These coupe glasses exude timeless sophistication and vintage charm, adding a touch of luxury to any special occasion.
  2. Perfect for Champagne: Designed to enhance the flavours and aromas of your favourite bubbly, these glasses are a must-have for champagne enthusiasts.
  3. High-Quality Craftsmanship: Crafted from premium glass, these coupe glasses are sturdy, crystal clear, and built to last.
  4. Versatile Use: Beyond champagne, they are ideal for serving cocktails, and desserts, or even as a stylish serving vessel for appetizers.
  5. Set of 6: Whether you’re hosting a small gathering or a larger event, this set of 6 coupe glasses ensures you’re always well-prepared.

Raise a toast in style with these Champagne Coupe Glasses. Perfect for weddings, anniversaries, and any special moment worth celebrating. Order your set of 6 today and add a touch of elegance to your next gathering!

*Set of 6
*Silver rimmed

Please see other listings if you prefer a flute glass to sip your bubbles!

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