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Large Dark Rum and Lime Candle

Large Dark Rum and Lime Candle


Indulge your senses with our Large Dark Rum and Lime Candle. This enticing fragrance blends the rich and warm notes of dark rum with the zesty, citrusy aroma of lime, creating a captivating and complex scent that fills the air with intrigue and sophistication.

Our Large Dark Rum and Lime Candle is more than just an ordinary candle; it’s a sensory experience. Whether placed in your living room, bedroom, or any space where you want to add a touch of luxury, it infuses your surroundings with a delightful and refreshing aroma that creates an inviting and warm atmosphere.

Dark Rum & Lime, this intoxicatingly hot scent reminds us of tropical climes, cocktail in hand with the sun beating down, take me to the Caribbean, please!

Elevate your environment with the Large Dark Rum and Lime Candle, designed to delight your senses and transform your space into a haven of indulgence and elegance.

Perfect gift-boxed gift.


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Dimensions: H:100 Dia:80 mm.


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