Metal Garden Balancing Hare Stake

Metal Garden Balancing Hare Stake


A Balancing Hares Garden Stake is a charming and whimsical piece of garden decor that features a squirrel figurine, often made from metal or other durable materials, perched atop a stake. The design typically allows the squirrel to balance and sway with the wind, adding a dynamic and playful element to your garden. These garden stakes often have a rustic finish, contributing to their charm and making them an appealing addition to various garden styles.

Dimensions: 40×3.5x100cm

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Material: Commonly made from weather-resistant materials such as metal, cast iron, or coated steel to withstand outdoor conditions.
Design: The squirrel figurine is designed to balance on the stake, often with a counterweight that allows it to move and sway with the breeze.
Rustic Finish: Many have a rustic or antique finish to give a vintage, weathered look that blends well with natural surroundings.
Height: The stakes can vary in height, often 40cm to 60cm or more, making them visible among garden plants and flowers.
Installation: Easy to install by simply staking into the ground, requiring no special tools.
Aesthetic Appeal: Adds a whimsical and decorative touch to gardens, flower beds, or pathways.
Movement: The balancing action brings a sense of life and motion to the garden.
Durability: Made to endure various weather conditions, ensuring long-lasting enjoyment.
Placement Ideas:
Flower Beds: Place among flowers to create a focal point.
Pathways: Line garden paths for a charming guide through your garden.
Planters: Insert into large planters for added height and interest.
Maintenance Tips:
Regular Cleaning: Wipe down with a damp cloth to remove dirt and debris.
Protective Coating: Apply a rust-resistant coating periodically if the metal starts to show signs of rust.
Secure Installation: Ensure the stake is firmly planted in the ground to prevent toppling over in strong winds.

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