Redesign With Prima/Cece Mint Condition Glaze | 4oz Jar

Redesign With Prima/Cece Mint Condition Glaze | 4oz Jar


What is a Glaze? It’s like the magic touch for your furniture! A glaze is a semi-transparent layer of colour meant to modify or enhance the colour underneath. But that’s not all – glaze brings the vintage charm, making your furniture look like it’s got some tales to tell. To bring out all those spectacular details, just brush on a thin layer, wipe off (or leave it for an even extra oomph) and voila – your piece is transformed!

Now, here’s the cool part about glazes – when paired with Decor Wax, they’re like the dynamic duo of furniture transformation. Dry brushing Decor Wax will add a splash of colour to the surface of your piece, making those details pop like never before. Then, adding a layer of Glaze creates shadows and dimensions to the crevices and divots of a piece that turn your piece into a bona fide work of art. Pair Cece’s new Glazes with Redesign Decor Wax and create show-stopping magic in your home decor.

Do you know how metals and surfaces get that cool, weathered look over time? That’s the patina magic we’re talking about – that unique greenish or brownish layer that adds character. If you are a fan of a patina effect then you need “Mint Condition”. Use it to sprinkle a bit of age and character onto your home decor, and watch the magic unfold!

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