Redesign With Prima/Cece Tigers Eye Glaze 4oz Jar

Redesign With Prima/Cece Tigers Eye Glaze 4oz Jar


What is a Glaze? It’s like the magic touch for your furniture! A glaze is a semi-transparent layer of colour meant to modify or enhance the colour underneath. But that’s not all – glaze brings the vintage charm, making your furniture look like it’s got some tales to tell. To bring out all those spectacular details, just brush on a thin layer, wipe off (or leave it for an even extra oomph) and voila – your piece is transformed!

Now, here’s the cool part about glazes – when paired with Decor Wax, they’re like the dynamic duo of furniture transformation. Dry brushing Decor Wax will add a splash of colour to the surface of your piece, making those details pop like never before. Then, adding a layer of Glaze creates shadows and dimensions to the crevices and divots of a piece that turn your piece into a bona fide work of art. Pair Cece’s new Glazes with Redesign Decor Wax and create show-stopping magic in your home decor.
Tiger’s Eye

Craving a hint of glitz and glam without diving into the bright, shiny gold territory? Enter “Tiger’s Eye,” your ticket to an aged gold aesthetic for your furniture. This Glaze strikes the perfect balance – opaque enough to infuse a touch of gold shine, yet transparent enough to allow the base colour to peek through without overpowering the piece. This gold looks positively stunning over dark colours. Paint on a layer, remove the excess, and witness the stunning transformation unfold. “Tiger’s Eye” is your golden secret for adding sophistication with a timeless, aged allure.

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