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Sences White Alang Alang Lidded Candle

Sences White Alang Alang Lidded Candle


Enhance your space with the Sences White Alang Alang Lidded Candle. This exquisite candle not only provides a warm and inviting glow but also fills your surroundings with the delightful and calming fragrance of White Alang Alang, a rich, warm, and hazy scent of Tonka clove. This dark scent is both mystifying and enticing. Four Wick Candle.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the candle comes with a lidded container that adds a touch of elegance to your decor. Whether placed in your living room, bedroom, or any space where you want to add a touch of serenity, it infuses your surroundings with a tranquil and refreshing aroma, creating an ambience of luxury and relaxation.

Elevate your environment with the Sences White Alang Alang Lidded Candle, designed to delight your senses and transform your space into a haven of sophistication and tranquillity.

Dimensions: H:85 Dia:130 mm.
Box H:100 W:140 D:140mm.

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