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Vintage Carved Console Table

Vintage Carved Console Table


Our Vintage Carved Console is full of ornate carving to delight the eye, everywhere you look. The cabriole curved legs, the ornate crossbar, the decorative front – they all have been exquisitely carved to create a luxurious piece of furniture. Part of the Vintage Furniture Collection, our Carved Console is full of beautiful detailing to delight the eye. It’s also a great practical piece.

A welcoming sight. This console has been carved from solid mahogany by craftsmen using traditional methods. The depth from front to back is deliberately narrow so that it can sit in a hallway or landing and still give you plenty of room to get past.

House some flowers on top, or a figurine. And use it to put your keys on and to sort through the post that’s popped through your door.

*Solid quality mahogany wood
*Cabriole French styling
*Ready assembled
*Other consoles are also available





Available on back-order

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