5 Mini Camellia Bush | Faux Stems

5 Mini Camellia Bush | Faux Stems


Elevate your home decor with our set of 5 Mini Camellia Bushes in enchanting white. Standing at a graceful 38cm, these faux flowers seamlessly blend realism with everlasting beauty. Each delicate petal and intricate detail mirrors the charm of real camellias, offering a timeless and low-maintenance floral solution.

Crafted with precision, these faux camellia bushes bring nature indoors without the need for upkeep. Arrange them in your favourite vase or use them to enhance floral arrangements – their lifelike appearance ensures a touch of elegance that lasts. Add a touch of perpetual spring to your space with these 5 Mini Camellia Bushes, where faux meets fabulous in the most charming way.

Dimensions: H 39cm x W 23cm x D 18cm

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