A Bird Song | Kacha Gold Foil Redesign With Prima Decor Transfer

A Bird Song | Kacha Gold Foil Redesign With Prima Decor Transfer


Hello, elegance! Introducing four gorgeous, gold foil Decor Transfers by Kacha to add a touch of GLAM to your next piece!

The new “Bird Song” Decor Transfer highlights beautiful birds and meandering branches, creating a soft glam effect while bringing a touch of nature into your home.

Her new transfer designs are created with faux gold foil, not ink, which allows you to achieve the look of gold foil stencilling in one easy step, and without the mess!

The result is a stunning gold foil design that looks like it was professionally stencilled.

Tip: Kacha recommends using the Redesign Transfer Tool for easy and wonderful results with the 18”x24” foil transfers. Simply place the transfer on your desired surface, rub it on, and then seal it with a water-based clear wax or poly. Always test first! If you’re looking for an easy and mess-free way to add some gold foil stencilling to your home Decor projects, look no further than Kacha’s new “Bird Song” Decor Transfer´.

total sheet size 18″x24″, cut into 2 sheets

Order yours today and start creating beautiful and sophisticated designs.

Available on back-order

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