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A1 Decoupage Fiber Paper – Antique Lables | Redesign With Prima

A1 Decoupage Fiber Paper – Antique Lables | Redesign With Prima


Experience Redesign With Prima® Decoupage Fiber Paper, Antique Labels; a wondrous design of prestigious labels in whites, cream, and blacks! A high-quality material built on flexibility, ease of use and durability, our new Decoupage Fiber will surely give you incredible results and applications. Made of a high density, fibrous material, Decoupage Fiber is designed to be used on any surface, from furniture to walls, with a wrinkle-free surface that will provide incredible results. This tear-resistant, non-wrinkling, and ultra versatile material is compatible with most water-based mediums, and will completely blend into your surfaces without any cracking or warping. A budget-friendly option, Decoupage Fiber provides a beautiful and economical way to transform your surfaces and pieces, easily and affordably. Best paired with: Decoupage Gel, Mod Podge, other water-based sealants. Best used on: almost any surface including wood, canvas, concrete, plastic, glass, plaster, etc.

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