Acadia Silk All-In-One Mineral Paint | Dixie Belle Paint Company

Acadia Silk All-In-One Mineral Paint | Dixie Belle Paint Company


Acadia is a dark and moody shade that channels the mystique of the park’s rugged coastlines and dense, pine-covered hills. This deep green hue reflects the natural grandeur and serene ambience of Acadia National Park, with its hints of melancholic beauty. Acadia adds a touch of timeless elegance and a connection to the park’s atmospheric landscapes.

Introducing Silk All-In-One Mineral Paint, Crafted for precision, this paint offers a built-in water-based primer, topcoat, and advanced protective features. Elevate your projects with Silk’s optimal durability on kitchen and bathroom cabinets, along with furniture.

Versatile on laminate, vinyl, fabric, and more, Silk ensures a flawless finish. With each 16 oz. container covering 60-80 sq. ft., ample supply is guaranteed. Dixie Belle Paint allows effortless colour mixing for a personalized touch.

With its built-in primer, stain blocker and top coat, this mineral paint is the perfect choice for a super smooth, easy application and gives a stunning, low-reflective, smooth-as-silk finish.

The Dixie Belle Silk paint range is available in 37 colours, in 4oz & 16oz sizes. This super smooth, self-levelling paint requires minimal prep and has low VOCs, so it’s safer for you and the environment.

Why Choose Silk Paint?

  • Minimal prep – just clean with Dixie Belle Pristine Clean or White Lightning and scuff sand
  • Built-in top coat, primer and stain blocker – however for high-traffic items, which will get greater wear and tear, we recommend Extra Coat sealer, a water-repellent protective top coat with a beautiful silk satin sheen to add durability
  • Full coverage in fewer coats and self-levelling
  • Excellent durability and UV protection
  • Washable for an easy clean finish
  • Water, mildew and grease resistant
  • 21 day cure time
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