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American Honey No Pain Gel Stain | Dixie Belle Paint Company

American Honey No Pain Gel Stain | Dixie Belle Paint Company


This stain is oil based and will have a deeper, fuller coverage than our VooDoo Gel Stain

You can use all of our stains on painted or unpainted surfaces.
Both stains can be applied with a “lint-free” cloth or you can use a paintbrush or paint sponge.
Start out with a small amount and then apply more depending on the shade you are looking for. Remember that less is more. We suggest testing it on a non-conspicuous spot first.
No Pain Gel Stain is oil-based and will require additional dry time.

No Pain Gel Stain is an oil-based gel stain that provides deep and rich coverage for furniture surfaces.

Available in 8 colours, No Pain Gel Stain will provide a variety of different looks to your furniture; all while allowing the beauty of the natural wood grain to shine thru.

Apply one or more than one coat for a darker finish.

Stain can be applied with a lint-free cloth, paintbrush or applicator pad.
Allow 72 hours before staining on fresh paint.
Apply stain and wipe back excess.
Provides deep, full coverage.
These stains come in 16 oz. metal containers.

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