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Blueberry | Dixie Belle Paint Company

Blueberry | Dixie Belle Paint Company


Blueberry delivers a beautiful periwinkle blue grey – a soft and calming colour.

You’ll be smitten with this cool, calming hue– perfect for a cottage or traditional home decor!

A sensation in the US furniture refinishing industry, Dixie Belle Paint is an eco-friendly chalk mineral paint that requires minimal prep.


  • Dixie Belle Chalk Mineral Paint is a water-based paint with adhesive qualities designed to eliminate the need to sand, prime or prep for most upcycling furniture and DIY pieces.
  • We recommend you start every creation with a good cleaning of our product called White Lightening, to remove all dust, grime and grease. Once you are ready just use one of our amazing Brushes, with a tad bit of water. (Either dampen the Brush or use our Mister bottle,)
  • Dixie Belle Chalk Mineral Paint adheres to wood, walls, glass, ceramics, metal, mirrors, plastic, Fabric, concrete, leather, and even Styrofoam or cardboard!
  • You do not have to put a top coat on it, but you can if you’re interested in creating a different look and feel on the finished piece. We have a variety of Waxes, Glazes and Clear coats that you can put on top of the paint.
  • Your masterpiece will dry quickly with a beautiful, matte finish!
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