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Boho Vibes Stensil | Redesign With Prima

Boho Vibes Stensil | Redesign With Prima


High-quality, versatile stencils offer distinctive patterns for your projects. These Decor Stencils can be used on a range of surfaces, including painted furniture and fabric, and are bendable, for curved surfaces, durable, reusable and washable. Let your creative talents loose!
Intrinsically detailed, our Decor Stencils® feature a high-grade material allowing for the most precise stencilling techniques and applications. Available in a variety of sizes, patterns and styles, Decor Stencils® can be used on walls, furniture and more to create of-a-kind designs that will last a lifetime.
Each stencil measures 20” x 16”, with a 0.8mm thickness.

How To Apply:
– Wait for your paint to dry if you have painted the base
– Lay on your stencil (use low tack masking take to hold it in place if necessary)
– Using a stencil brush, sponge or roller, apply your medium in small amounts (it’s useful to keep a piece of kitchen towel next to you to lay off on, if your brush is overloaded – too much paint or another medium can end up bleeding underneath the stencil).

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