Cobblestone | Dixie Belle Paint Company Cottage Collection

Cobblestone | Dixie Belle Paint Company Cottage Collection


A sensation in the US furniture refinishing industry, Dixie Belle Paint is an eco-friendly chalk mineral paint that requires minimal preparation.

Please see other listings for different shades.

The new cottage collection
Cucumber Ice
A whisper of green in a sea of white, a subtle breath of nature that brings life to the light.

Secret Path
A beautiful muted shade of Lilac with undertones of grey, it is a pastel colour with a gentle calming effect. It has a soothing and serene quality that makes it a popular choice for interior design and fashion.

Cottage Door
Is a warm paint colour that is reminiscent of the charming entrance to a cosy cottage. It has a warm and inviting tone that can add a touch of playfulness and cheerfulness to any space.

English Ivy
Is a muted green with grey undertones. Earthy and welcoming, this hue is reminiscent of a walk in the crisp, fall forest! Paint your projects in this down-to-earth colour for an inviting, woodsy appeal!

Weeping Willow
Is a green paint colour that resembles the soft and delicate hues of a willow tree’s leaves. It’s a serene and calming shade that adds a touch of nature to any room.

Is a light brown paint color that resembles the natural color of a weathered stone. It has warm undertones that create a cosy and comforting atmosphere.

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