Distressed Damask Decoupage Paper | Belles & Whistles | A1 Sheet

Distressed Damask Decoupage Paper | Belles & Whistles | A1 Sheet


New Collection. This beautiful new range of premium A1 decoupage rice paper designs from Dixie Belle offers huge creative scope for your crafting and furniture projects.

Rice paper is easy to work with, with less wrinkling and tearing, and can be adhered to all surfaces. Rice paper is fibrous, which allows for absorption of glues and other mediums, and colours print clearly and also retain their vibrancy.

Belles and Whistles Rice Paper is perfect for collaging and layering, to seamlessly blend onto your furniture, walls, and home décor pieces. Use to create one-of-a-kind, blended, and detailed pieces, with little or no thickness and texture.

Size: Pack contains one A1 size sheet measuring 23.5” x 33” (59.4cm x 84.1cm)

How To Apply:
– Tear off pieces of your Belles and Whistles Rice Paper to the correct size. Note that rice paper should be torn instead of cut, so that the fibrous edges can blend better and appear less obvious on your project. When using right up to an edge, the overhanging pieces can be sanded off at a 45 degree angle to create a seamless and flawless edge.

– Apply Dixie Belle Clear Coat Sealer (your choice of finish) or a glue medium if you prefer, to the surface of your project. Lay your rice paper in position and flatten out from the centre, talking care to eliminate air bubbles to ensure a good adhesion. Apply a further coat over the top.

– Once dry, apply another coat of sealer. The tissue is fibrous and the sealer will permeate the fibres so that, when dry, your rice paper will be well-adhered to the surface of your project.

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