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Flat Clear Coat | Dixie Belle Paint | 8oz/16oz/32oz

Flat Clear Coat | Dixie Belle Paint | 8oz/16oz/32oz


Clear Coat Flat is a dream come true! Keep that flat, chalky finish and get all of the protection and durability of Clear Coat Satin or Gloss. This formula leaves a completely flat finish
Dixie Belle’s Clear Coat adds that extra robustness to your projects, as and when required, allows you to apply a different final finish to your piece from the natural paint finish, and it can also act as a base prior to the application of decorative accenting products.

We also have Satin and gloss; please see other listings.

Satin – Provides a just right satin-y finish

Gloss provides a shinier finish, but not super shiny

This product comes in three finishes – Flat, Satin and Gloss. If your project requires the toughest top coat (kitchen cupboards, Dressing tables, painted tabletops or any high traffic area), consider using Gator Hide.

PLEASE NOTE: Water-based sealers such as Clear Coat are best used over lighter colours as they are non-yellowing. Over darker colours they can appear ‘cloudy’ if applied too thickly. Consider an oil-based sealer over very dark colours (Hemp Seed Oil, Big Mama’s Butta or take care to ensure a very thin application.
Tip, pop a tiny amount of dark paint with the top coat of your choice, and it works for me!

How to Apply:
It’s simple to use, allow your last coat of paint at least an hour to dry (more in colder or damp conditions) then, using a damp brush or the Blue Gator Hide Sponge, apply a very thin, even layer of Clear Coat and allow to dry. Do not over work the application; work in small sections. After about an hour it should be dry and then you can apply a second coat to make it even. Repeat with an extra coat if you feel your project needs it.

Wash your brush/sponge in warm soapy water after use. Dixie Belle’s Clear Coat is water resistant and can be cleaned using a non-abrasive cleaner after just 7 days

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