Embla Wall Pot Planters | Set Of 2

Embla Wall Pot Planters | Set Of 2


Introducing our Rustic Wall Pot Planters – a charming and practical way to bring greenery into your home decor. Crafted with weathered materials and designed with rustic flair, these wall-mounted planters add a touch of countryside charm to any space.

Perfect for small indoor plants or herbs, these pot planters are ideal for adding a natural touch to kitchens, living rooms, or even outdoor areas like balconies or patios. Their compact size makes them versatile for use in tight spaces, while their rustic design adds character and warmth to your walls.

Hang them individually or create an eye-catching display by grouping several to showcase your favourite plants. Whether filled with vibrant flowers, lush greenery, or fragrant herbs, these rustic wall pot planters add a touch of natural beauty to your home decor.

Elevate your space with the rustic charm of our Wall Pot Planters and bring the beauty of the outdoors inside. Let these charming planters be the perfect accent to your home, adding a touch of countryside elegance to any room.

*SIZE – 30x15x43 – 23x12x38cm

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