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EXPRESSIVE BLOOMS | Redesign With Prima | H20 Decor Transfer

EXPRESSIVE BLOOMS | Redesign With Prima | H20 Decor Transfer


Let’s make a splash! Introducing NEW H2O Transfers which feature easy-to-use, water-activated designs that can be used on almost any surface! Available in TEN gorgeous designs, try these beauties on wood, canvas, clay, glass, porcelain, paper, concrete, plastic, and so many more surfaces. Economically friendly, FAST results, no hand fatigue, built-in design guide…these are just a few of the many reasons why you NEED new “Redesign Petite” H2O Transfers! A painterly effect, in a gorgeous summery colour palette, enhances the “Expressive Blooms” floral design, with a variety of wonderful sizes, to help you create coordinating pieces in just minutes.

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