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Handfinished Distressed Metal Table Lamp

Handfinished Distressed Metal Table Lamp


The Ornate Distressed Iron Table Lamp with Shade is a statement piece that combines vintage elegance with rustic charm. Crafted with meticulous detail, this lamp features an ornate iron base adorned with distressed finishes, adding character and a timeworn aesthetic.

The distressed iron construction not only brings a touch of authenticity but also contributes to the lamp’s antique appeal. Topping the lamp is a complementary shade, which enhances the warm, ambient glow produced by the lamp.

Perfect for those who appreciate the allure of aged and weathered elements, this table lamp becomes a focal point in any room. Whether placed on an end table, nightstand, or console, its ornate design and distressed iron detailing make it a captivating addition to your home decor, infusing spaces with a touch of vintage sophistication.


Dimensions: H:890 Dia:390 mm.

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