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Vintage Style Taxidermy Dome

Vintage Style Taxidermy Dome


Photos are customers who have styled their dome in their unique way. The listing is for dome only.

Display your most cherished objects and curiosities in this classic cloche.
This decorative glass dome is the perfect item to have on your desk or on display.
Handmade glass products, Each product is produced by a craftsman through a high-temperature flame, just like a piece of Fine Art.
suitable for home decoration, wedding scene layout, flower arrangement or whatever you choose to display!

The original glass cloche, or bell jar, was invented in France as a garden tool to protect young plants from frost. Today the cloche is an artful and efficient way to display unique objects under glass. High-quality display dome, adorn your most favourite products under this hand-blown display dome.
Hand-blown glass cloche with a wooden base.

Immerse yourself in a world of classic charm and fascination with our Vintage Style Taxidermy Dome. This unique piece captures the essence of a bygone era, offering a glimpse into the art of preserving the beauty of nature. Encased within an elegant glass dome, this taxidermy specimen adds a touch of nostalgia and wonder to any setting. Whether you’re an admirer of vintage aesthetics or a nature enthusiast, this exquisite display is a conversation starter, evoking a sense of timeless grace in your space. Explore the art of taxidermy with this vintage-style dome, and invite a touch of history and elegance into your home or office.

Dimensions: H:32cm W:20cm
Inside dome W23.5 D15.5cm


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