Man Cave | Steepleton Neon Text Bulb

Man Cave | Steepleton Neon Text Bulb

Original price was: £27.95.Current price is: £23.00.

This bulb is now all dimmable and has an IP 20 rating and a Lumen rating of 80-90lm.

The listing is for bulb only, you can purchase the marble base desk lamp separately. You can also purchase the new rechargeable wood base designs, please also see other listings.

Create a beautiful light in your home with this Man Cave Screw Down Bulb. Designed with a unique and ultra-cool style it’s the perfect addition to your homeware and makes a great gift.
The bulbs are a standard E27 Edison screw fitting, 4 watts and 230V, with Led filaments for a much longer life span of an incredible 25,000 hours of light!
Please note- this is the bulb only- it doesn’t come with the stand or fitting as shown in the image.

A light Bulb like no other… The Bright Ideas Collection, LED Filament Text Bulbs that we designed to bring a unique, ultra-cool style and beautiful light to any home or occasion.

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