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Sorrento Laurels | Redesign With Prima Decor Moulds

Sorrento Laurels | Redesign With Prima Decor Moulds


This mould is thicker than other moulds
12mm thickness size 5×8
Elevate your décor projects with our Redesign with Prima® Décor Moulds®. Made of high-quality heat resistant and food-safe silicone, our Décor Moulds® can be used with a variety of mediums such as paper clay, modelling materials, clay, resin and even chocolate confections. As easy as pouring your favourite medium and releasing a highly decorative casting in seconds. heat-resistant silicone moulds offer endless creativity with unique & detailed pieces. Use them with paper clay, ceramic clay, resin and more. They are even food-safe and heat-resistant.
I have also just discovered it! They are perfect for making wax melts!!!
You learn something new every day!


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