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Rustic Romance | Decoupage Triple Paper Pack from Redesign with Prima | 19.5″ x 30″

Rustic Romance | Decoupage Triple Paper Pack from Redesign with Prima | 19.5″ x 30″


Triple the fun! Introducing NEW Redesign with Prima Decoupage Paper Triple Packs, with three beautiful designs perfectly curated to mix and match on your next DIY project! “Rustic Romance” is a perfect combination of layered textures, delightful crackles, wonderful aged patina, and loads of painted layers, all incorporated on three sheets featuring aged copper, gorgeous turquoise, and darker, blended tones. These decoupage sheets provide a rustic, weathered aesthetic that adds depth and character to your projects. The layered textures, crackles, and patina create an aged and weathered look, while the painted layers add artistic flair. The combination of aged copper and turquoise tones with dark, neutral tones adds richness and contrast to your designs. Whether you’re working on furniture restoration, mixed media art, or any other creative endeavour, these decoupage sheets will help you achieve a captivating rustic romance.

What better way to elevate your artistic ventures than with the marvellously designed NEW Decoupage Triple Paper Pack from Redesign with Prima? If you’re a crafting enthusiast seeking to infuse your projects with beauty and innovation, look no further. This new Decoupage Tissue Paper Pack comes with three sheets each measuring an ample 19.5″ x 30″, and boasting designs that are both strikingly distinct and harmoniously complementary. Confidently, use all three sheets on the same project, space them out to create a cohesive furniture set or get even more bang for your buck and use them on many smaller décor projects! With 10 different packs, each featuring unique designs, you can choose from the romantic elegance of “Dreamy Delights” or the subtle beauty of “Delicate Charm” to the whimsical feel of “Rustic Retreat”. Which ones will you be adding to your collection?

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