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A world full of beautiful Handcrafted, Hand Designed, China, Crystal and Clay inspired Jewellery.

No two pieces are the same. Each item displays its own uniquie signiture, a one off loving made by hand to make the perfect gift for all occasions or for that special person in your life.

VintageCharm was born from the idea that northing should go to waste and should be recycled. This started in the form of Shabby Chic furniture and wood based renovation work, progressing to uniquie one off pieces of Jewellery.

VintageCharm still use where possible the same recycling ethics in our Jewellery, this is reflected in our rage of Bone China and Crystal Necklaces, with all items being Handcrafted from broken Bone China plates and cups and unwanted Crystal pieces, which are cleaned and mounted in Clay, again all Handcrafted and designed.

Commissioned pieces are most welcome for that special person or ocassion in your life, as our products are all one off pieces and can never be repeated, thats what makes VintageCharm uniquie in its field.